Participatory Budgeting Hamburg 2009


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For the 2nd time the citizens of Hamburg are planning the budget of the city

For the 2nd time the citizenry of Hamburg let the inhabitants take part on the development of budget perspectives until 2020. Invited were the people of Hamburg to generate a fictitious budget plan with a planning machine about the spending of the city. The budget plan of 2009 built the starting point where the participants could change the arrangement. In addition to the planning machine a moderated discussion forum made it possible to discuss about the arrangement with other citizens.

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The technology behind:

The budget planning machine calculates the effect of the fictitious arrangements for the next 10 years. The planning machine of the last participatory budgeting in Hamburg was modified and got some new criteria. In addition to the extrapolation capacity the planning machine compares the individual planning attitude with other planners and identifies a character profile for it.

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