The future of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin


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Online Dialogue: the future of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin

In October 2008, the city airport Berlin-Tempelhof is to be closed. Through a public discussion on the Internet, as well as events and workshops, short- and long-term ideas about the future use of the Airport Tempelhof should be achieved. Residents of Berlin were invited to take part in the Internet discussion and in the planning of the Senate Administration. First basic ideas range from the construction of a business airport, to a green belt up to a leisure park with complex buildings for industry and residential areas. Based on these central ideas of the 1st online phase (23rd May to 17th July 2007), interested citizens could deepen their discussion on their ideas about the subsequent use of the Tempelhof Airport. On the 2nd online phase (6. October to 2nd November 2007). A prioritized list of ideas came about as a result of these discussions and the continuous evaluation by the participants.

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The technology behind:

The online dialogue was realized on behalf of the Berlin Senator of Urban Development together with Binary Objects with the help of our Dialog Management System. As a special module, our map zoom served as an interactive representation of the enormous area. Contributions can be indicated in every zoom stage simply by clicking any coordinate with an assigned symbol.


"If the Administration and the policy offers the dialogue, this has to be welcomed for now, because the communication process for the public opinion is being opened. It is an opportunity to express ideas and arguments publicly. The ideas will be examined and the Senate Administration will give a feedback to the ten best ideas." (A host)
"It is important to leave the whole forum on the Internet to give everyone the opportunity to read all contributions even in 2008. It would be even better if one can read up to 2010 what has been realized and how the argumentation chain has continued." (A discourse participant)

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