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2007 - 2008

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Public Forum of the Bertelsmann Foundation for "social market economy"

The social market economy as a successful model is staggering for many citizens. How can the „Model Germany“ be redefined in times of globalisation and aging of the society? To answer these and further questions the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation and the Ludwig-Erhard Foundation initiated a future dialogue with citizens.

From October 2007 to March 2008, 350 citizens who had been representatively chosen, were invited to discuss their ideas of a fair „social market economy“. The aim was to work together with the citizens, oliticians and experts to compile a civic program of a sustainable social market economy.

The citizens' forum took place in different phases: In the first phase, the participants, who were selected by random principle in a representative cross section were invited. In the initial meeting in January, it was possible to become personally acquainted, with each other and workout first topics and questions together. Afterwards from January to March 2008, the project went into the online phase. In the final phase, the results were evaluated and finally approved as “BürgerProgramm Soziale Marktwirtschaft“ (Citizens' program for Social Market Economy). Finally a summarizing press release was distributed to and discussed by the political decision makers in Germany.

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The technology behind:

The online dialogue was realized with the help of our Dialog Management System. The special feature existed in the realisation of a publicly not accessible working platform for participants, who wanted to organise themselves in technically separated groups. The main attention was the support of the asynchronous group work by technologies similar to Wiki.


"After intensively reading all the summaries of the committees again, I feel proud and gratified that we were successful in developing a very strong citizens' forum."
(A participant)
"I would like to point out that this Online Forum has an excellent quality! I think it's great that the layout and usage are kept simple and factual!" (A participant)

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