Participatory Budgeting Hamburg 2006


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Budgeting calculator for Hamburg

For the first time the house of Hamburg City Parliament started an internet-discussion about the communal budget planning of the Hanseatic City. Citizens were invited to take part in making proposals for the arrangement of expenditures and discuss about the spending. A budgeting calculator allowed interested people to (became the possibility to) contribute a fictitious budget plan and invited them to take part in a discussion about the spending of the single boroughs. In the discussion, 38 ideas for saving money were developed and more than 2,000 individual budget plans were created. The web-dialog was well accepted and has motivated a general discussion about the financial situation of the City Hamburg and the priorities of the allocation of the tight budget. 1,500 visitors followed in the same time the discussion of hundreds of participants.

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Binary Objects developed the whole discussion platform and also a special calculator for visitors creating an individual budget plan. The calculator made a projection of the consequences of the budget within the next 10 years.


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