Participatory Budgeting Berlin-Lichtenberg

since 2005

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The participatory budgeting of Lichtenberg (Berlin)

For the sixth time the district office of the Berlin borough Lichtenberg initiates a participatory budgeting process: In three different ways citizens are able to participate in and discuss about the communal budget planning of the borough. In addition to conferences in the borough and interviews in different households the district office postes an discussion portal on the Internet. Here participants are able to present and discuss their ideas about communal budget planning. For what cases the borough should spend the money? For kindergardens, seniorhouses, better traffic organisation, or the ecological environment in the city? More and more people are taking part in the participatory budgeting.

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The technology behind:

The discourse-machine which is used for the online-dialog was tailored due to special wishes of the client. The voting method for example was created in different variations for special requirements. The flexibility of the discourse-machine allows the changing of the platform without any problems.

This year an interactive map is added where all objects are visible localized. Over the icons you get directly to the possibility to write proposals about the objects - even if you are not registered.


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