Family-friendly living in Hamburg


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Citizens’ participation: Families in Hamburg

In 2005 Binary Objects realised the first online dialog in cooperation with the TuTech Innovation GmbH for the City of Hamburg. In the course of the general concept „Growing City“, citizens were invited to present their ideas and wishes about a suitable environment for families to live in big cities. What criteria make a living place suitable for families? What is offered in Hamburg and what should to be improved?

The results of the discussion were summarized as guidelines which served planners, and also the politics and the administration as a checklist which gave important tips for the family-friendly design of living-spaces and the structure of housing areas.

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The technology behind:

The Binary Objects GmbH implemented the dialog method of the TuTech GmbH. The new system enables many participants to take part in a discussion, which is also leaded by a team of moderators. The discourse-machine, developed by Binary Objects makes it possible to realise this theoretical concept on the Internet.


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