Open dialog „living together in Berlin“

2008 - 2009

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Open dialog „living together in Berlin“

At the end of 2008, the Berlin advisory council for family issues activated an open internet-dialog called „living together in Berlin“. For the first time the advisory council tried to integrate the citizens actively in the discussion. Berlin citizens were asked to exchange and discuss their ideas and opinions about a family-friendly city in general and especially about the family-life in the capital. Everyday the contributions were summerized and arranged thematically. 315 users registered in the dialog-platform, made 67 proposals with 23 ideas of improvement. 2.816 different people visited the website.

The ideas take part in the official family report 2010, which provides a basis for the discussion about changes in the family-policy of the Berlin senate.

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The technology behind

Binary Objects developed a special workflow within the discourse-machine. First the users made proposals, which were listed, after that evaluated and at last arranged into an hierarchy.


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